Special Feature

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

In Memoriam, Armand L. Mauss (1928–2020)

Today we are featuring, "In Memoriam, Armand L. Mauss (1928–2020)" by Steven C. Harper from issue 59:3. This piece is focused on Harper's relationship with Armand L. Mauss and how he was impacted by his recent death. Below is the introduction to the article; follow the link below for the full dedication. 

I was saddened but not surprised by the recent passing of Armand L. Mauss, an esteemed scholar, BYU Studies editorial board member, and a kind mentor to me. When I saw him last, he neither expected nor particularly wanted to live much longer. He had long since tempered his expectations for this life. His sights were set on the next one, especially after Ruth’s passing in 2018.

There are few mentors and advisors I admire as much as Armand. To me he was a consummate combination of intellectual and spiritual, academic and advocate. Several fitting tributes have already been published. Much attention has been appropriately paid in them to his seminal books. I’m inclined, therefore, to draw a little attention to two of his lesser-known articles that have also profoundly shaped my thinking.