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Special Feature

January 17, 2017
Special Feature
Opening the Heavens, Second Edition
BYU Studies Staff

We are pleased to announce that the second edition of Opening the Heavens is now available for $21.95 (softcover) through our website or by phone at 801-422-6691. Individual chapter PDFs are also available for $5 each.

As you read the accounts of divine manifestations in Opening the Heavens, the truth of the Restoration events becomes clearer. The original, eyewitness accounts will endure for generations, making this one of the most persuasive and influential Church history books you may ever read or own.

Joseph Smith had only one request of the publisher of the Chicago Democrat, to whom he directed his now famous Wentworth Letter: "All that I shall ask at his hands, is, that he publish the account entire, ungarnished, and without misrepresentation." Since 1959, BYU Studies has been a premier publisher of primary historical documents in LDS Church history. Continuing this tradition, Opening the Heavens gathers in one place the key historical collections documenting divine manifestations from 1820 to 1844. Gathered here are the historical documents concerning the First Vision, the translation of the Book of Mormon, the restoration of the priesthood, the many visions of Joseph Smith, the outpouring of keys at the Kirtland Temple, and the mantle of Joseph Smith passing to Brigham Young.