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Karl G. Maeser
January 31, 2017
Special Feature
An Exhibit about Karl G. Maeser
BYU Studies Staff

Karl G. Maeser left a legacy for BYU and the Church Educational System as he served as BYU's first principal and later as superintendent of Church schools. This legacy of education anchored in faith in God is honored in a new exhibit at the Education in Zion Gallery at BYU. Resources about Maeser's life are available at the exhibit website, Karl G. Maeser: Educational Architect. The exhibit is open through November 18, 2017.

A recent story in the Church News describes Maeser's humble beginnings and his wide renown as a brilliant educator.

Just a few months ago, BYU Studies published the article "Why and How Did Karl G. Maeser Leave Saxony? New Documents Offer New Insights," by Roger P. Minert and M. Ralf Bartsch. Although a handful of useful biographies of LDS educator Karl G. Maeser exist, certain details of his life and career have remained uncertain. Through painstaking research in primary documents, particularly those housed in archives in Dresden, Germany, Roger Minert and Ralf Bartsch have uncovered new evidence that helps us understand Karl G. Maeser's life in Germany and his reason for leaving.

A book review of Called to Teach: The Legacy of Karl G. Maeser, by A. LeGrand Richards, reviewed by Heather M. Seferovich, also recently appeared in BYU Studies. The review discusses how powerful and inspiring teachers can profoundly impact their students, both in this life and in the eternities.

Appearing earlier in BYU Studies are  "Moritz Busch's Die Mormonen and the Conversion of Karl G. Maeser," by A. LeGrand Richards, and "Karl G. Maeser's German Background, 1828-1856: The Making of Zion's Teacher," by Douglas F. Tobler.