Special Feature

Announcement about William Clayton Journals from Church Historian's Press

On October 20, 2017, at a Joseph Smith Papers conference in Salt Lake City, Matthew J. Grow announced the coming publication of the William Clayton diaries. While you're awaiting that exciting release, you might like to read the BYU Studies book No Toil nor Labor Fear: The Story of William Clayton. The author is James B. Allen, former assistant Church historian. This biography tells how joining the Church in 1838 catapulted William Clayton into new associations, brought him from England to the United States, and offered him soul-satisfying spiritual experiences. His life encompassed the joys and struggles of the early LDS Church, including his service as Joseph Smith's scribe, his plural marriages, long missions away from his family, and his many sacrifices.  

The book is available in paperback or e-book. See sample pages from the preface and introductory chapter, the table of contents, and index. 453 pages.

The first edition of this biography was Trials of Discipleship: The Story of William Clayton, a Mormon (University of Illinois, 1987).