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Special Feature

FairMormon Conference
August 1, 2017
Special Feature
BYU Studies at the FairMormon Conference
Author BYU Studies Staff,

BYU Studies is one of the sponsors of the FairMormon conference on Thursday, August 3, and Friday, August 4, at the Utah Valley Convention Center in downtown Provo. To see the schedule of speakers and registration information, click here (URL is https://www.fairmormon.org/conference/august-2017). If you attend, visit us at our table, where we will be selling a selection of BYU Studies books at discounted prices.

Several of the presenters at the conference have published in BYU Studies Quarterly:

T. Benjamin Spackman is the author of "The Israelite Roots of Atonement Terminology."

Janiece L. Johnson has published "'The Scriptures Is a Fulfilling': Sally Parker's Weave" and "Give Up All and Follow Your Lord: Testimony and Exhortation in Early Mormon Women's Letters, 1831–1839."

Gerrit Dirkmaat, with LaJean Purcell Carruth, published "The Prophets Have Spoken, but What Did They Say? Examining the Differences between George D. Watt's Original Shorthand Notes and the Sermons Published in the Journal of Discourses." With others of the Joseph Smith Papers team, Gerrit published "Minutes of the Afternoon Meeting of the Council of Fifty, April 11, 1844." Gerrit also serves on the BYU Studies Church history editorial board.

Keith A. Erekson, with Lloyd D. Newell, has published "The Conversion of Artemus Millet and His Call to Kirtland."

Daniel C. Peterson has written "An Improvisation on Margaret Barker's 'The Lord Is One,'" The Language of God: Understanding the Qur'an, and, with David B. Honey, "Advocacy and Inquiry in the Writing of Latter-day Saint History."

Videos of previous FAIRMormon conferences are available at their website.