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Joseph Smith Journals
August 22, 2017
Special Feature
Joseph Smith Papers Website Reaches Publication Milestones
Author Joseph Smith Papers Project,

The Joseph Smith Papers is pleased to announce that its latest content release is now live. This release includes two items of particular significance:

  • The final installment of Joseph Smith’s journals, from May 1843 to June 1844. This portion of the journals covers the final year of Smith’s life, including the events that led up to his murder. The Journals series is now complete in print and online.

  • Complete footnotes giving the sources behind Joseph Smith’s multivolume manuscript history. Also, the document viewer now includes page numbers for the most widely available edition of that history, B. H. Roberts’s History of the Church, to allow readers to trace back from the Roberts edition to more original documents.

The completion of these two projects marks a significant milestone for the project, as well as for project founder and National Advisory Board member Dean C. Jessee, who began work on Joseph Smith’s papers in 1972. Jessee published two volumes of Smith's journal more than two decades ago and has spent many years identifying the primary sources used to compile the manuscript history.

Other new content on the website includes:

Almost 150 new documents from June through September 1843, including letters, discourses, Nauvoo City Council minutes, and land deeds.

Several more documents from the Nauvoo mayor’s court and Nauvoo Municipal Court, available in the Legal, Business, and Financial Records series.

New biographies, geographical descriptions, and event entries.

Updates on Revelation Book 1 and Revelation Book 2 allowing users to view the typographic facsimile transcriptions, which provide detailed, color-coded reproductions of the texts.