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August 29, 2017
Special Feature
Student Digital Subscriptions Just $5 Per Year
Author BYU Studies Staff,

Student Digital Subscriptions Just $5 Per Year

College students can use BYU Studies scholarly publications for answering their own questions and in their research on Mormonism. BYU Studies strives to provide the most up-to-date articles on Mormonism as it relates to many disciplines. Our mission is to provide scholarly works that inform and elevate. Our publications are based on the conviction that faith in God and rigorous intellectual study can be harmonious.

Who qualifies?

Full-time students in a degree-seeking program who are currently admitted to a college, university, or other accredited institution of higher learning.

What is a digital subscription?

digital subscription is full access to the content of BYU Studies Quarterly in the form of downloadable PDFs. The content is the same as the print journal: articles, book reviews, essays, and poetry.

Can I get a student rate on a print subscription?

No, student subscriptions are available only as digital subscriptions.

Can I purchase a gift subscription for a student?

Yes. You will need to know their email address and their student ID number. Do not log in to your BYU Studies account to make this purchase (because your log-in is connected to your email address). Use your own credit card billing address.


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