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Special Feature

Joseph Smith
September 5, 2017
Special Feature
New Features on the Joseph Smith Chronology Website
Author BYU Studies Staff,

A new timeline feature has been added to the main page of the Joseph Smith Chronology website (http://jschronology.byustudies.byu.edu). Visually scroll through the sequence of events of Joseph Smith’s life, either by day or by year. Use filters to find specific dates, locations, or event types.

The text-only sequence of events is still available under the All Events tab (http://jschronology.byustudies.byu.edu/js-events). The "On This Day" column has also been moved to its own page (http://jschronology.byustudies.byu.edu/on-this-day).

Further updates and improvements to the website are forthcoming.

The information on this website is being continually updated from information published in BYU Studies 46, no. 4 (2007). If you have information you would like to see added to this data, please submit an event (http://jschronology.byustudies.byu.edu/submit-event) or contact us at byustudies.byu.edu.

BYU Studies is pleased to provide this valuable resource for studying the life of Joseph Smith. When the information is seen in this fashion, it becomes clear that Joseph Smith led a remarkable and busy life.