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The JFSB on BYU campus, home of BYU Studies

Giving Tuesday—Donate to BYU Studies

As part of "Giving Tuesday" on BYU Campus, consider donating to BYU Studies.

How Your Donation Helps

Making a financial contribution can dramatically enhance our ability to continue publishing cutting-edge scholarship for the Latter-day Saint audience and all readers interested in academic research and Mormon studies. While subscription fees, book revenues, and university support cover many of our expenses, gifts from our supportive friends are essential in enabling us to have a much needed broader reach. Financial contributions help fund priorities such as:

  • website development and enhancement,
  • graduate student post-doctoral internships,
  • and many exciting projects that are the hallmark of our nearly 60-year tradition.

Donated funds are sacred and used wisely. Absolutely 100% of your contribution goes directly to helping fund BYU Studies projects.

A gift to BYU Studies helps ensure that faithful and academically rigorous scholarship will continue making many needed contributions to the LDS community.

To give a contribution, view our donation page.