Special Feature

December 1, 2017
Special Feature
Resources at BYU's Religious Studies Center

Our friends at the Religious Studies Center have posted a collection of publications about past and present Church history as well as scripture study.

The best way to begin a search for a specific topic is to use the search bar at the home page, https://rsc.byu.edu. Here you can access the full content of written works.

There are almost two hundred full books available to read for free on the website. Some of our favorites are:

          Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, witnessing the divine calling of Jesus of Nazareth.

          The Book of Mormon series, eight volumes on the messages of the Book of Mormon text from First Nephi to Moroni.

          A 2012 book on the "hard questions" of the gospel, No Weapon Shall Prosper: New Light on Sensitive Issues.

          The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, which will come in handy for the coming Gospel Doctrine course of study in 2018.

New books such as Prophets and Prophecies of the Old Testament (2017) are available for online purchase.

Articles from the Religious Educator are listed in the table of contents under each volume. These articles are designed for teaching and studying all aspects of the gospel.

The RSC collection includes video presentations from their Sperry Symposium, Church History Symposium, Easter Conferences, and more.

We hope our readers take advantage of these resources for both broad and deep study of the gospel.