Special Feature

January 9, 2018
Special Feature
Projects for the New Year

Here at Brigham Young University, we are starting a new semester, and campus is abuzz with 33,000 students finding their new classes and buying textbooks. Students, did you know you can get a digital subscription to BYU Studies online for only $5 a year? This offer is available to full-time students at any college or university.

As the LDS Church begins its new course of study in the Old Testament, we remind everyone of our Old Testament Gospel Doctrine lesson helps. The Old Testament need not be daunting, and getting to know it is foundational for understanding the doctrines of the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and the restored Church of Jesus Christ. For each week's lesson, we've listed key articles from BYU Studies, the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, and other BYU resources. 

We are looking forward to another year of interesting and important publications. Upcoming issues of our journal will feature articles on Joseph Fielding Smith as a historian, on the history of commemorative handcart treks, on theological and economic perspectives regarding immigration and the LDS Church, on women in Mormon biblical narrative art, and on dating the departure of Lehi from Jerusalem.

We have several books in the pipeline, including Artifacts Speak! Revisiting Old Stories about Treasured Mormon Heirlooms, edited by Glen M. Leonard; Melting the Ice: Launching Mormonism in Alaska, by Fred Woods; The Gospel of Mark, by Julie M. Smith, part of our New Testament Commentary series; three ebooks containing the collected writings of David Paulsen; Learning for Eternity: Best BYU Speeches and Articles on Learners and Learning, compiled by Taylor Halverson; and a biography of Martin Harris, by Susan Easton Black.

We hope these publications will be significant, enriching, and inspiring. We appreciate the support of our thousands of faithful readers!