Special Feature

February 20, 2018
Special Feature
A Mormon Studies Conference

The 2018 Mormon Studies Conference at Utah Valley University will be held February 22 and 23, 2018. The theme is "Mormonism and the Challenges of Science, Revelation and Faith": "From its beginnings, Mormonism has wrestled with the implications of modern science and has produced a variety of theological responses. This conference will explore the landscape of Mormon thought as it relates to the relationships between science, theology, scriptural narratives, and LDS authoritative discourse. It will also examine abiding questions of faith, reason, and doubt and the reactions against the intellectualizing forces that bear on the truth claims of Mormonism." The conference is free and open to the public. For more information, contact conference organizers. We don't know of plans to share the conference by video; conference presentations are often published later. The website offers Readings and Resources on the topic that include several BYU publications.

The conference presenters include two professors at BYU, Steven L. Peck and Jamie L. Jensen, and Deidre Nicole Green of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute. We note that several presenters have been featured in BYU Studies Quarterly or by the BYU New Testament Commentary, a publication of BYU Studies: Steven L. Peck's books (for example, this one) have been reviewed in BYU Studies Quarterly; Philip L. Barlow presented at the New Testament Commentary conference in 2014; T. Benjamin Spackman published "The Israelite Roots of Atonement Terminology"; Matthew Bowman's book has been reviewed in BYU Studies Quarterly; and Jana Riess has reviewed a book and had a book reviewed.