Studies of the Books of Moses and Abraham

Studies of the Books of Moses and Abraham

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This compilation of fascinating articles on the books of Moses and Abraham from the Pearl of Great Price is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on the Antonio Lebolo, the mummies, and the papyri; other topics related to the book of Abraham and its origins; the Kirtland Egyptian Papers; and insights into the ministries of Moses and Enoch.


"A Prologue to Genesis: Moses 1 in Light of Jewish Traditions"
E. Douglas Clark

"Behold I"
Kent P. Jackson

"The Narrative Call Pattern in the Prophetic Commission of Enoch (Moses 6)"
Stephen D. Ricks

"Changes in the Book of Moses and Their Implications upon a Concept of Revelation"
James R. Harris

"Robert J. Matthews and the RLDS Church's Inspired Version of the Bible"
Thomas E. Sherry

"Prolegomena to Any Study of the Book of Abraham"
Hugh Nibley

"Fragment Found in Salt Lake City"
Hugh Nibley

"Joseph Smith and the Lebolo Egyptian Papyri"
James R. Clark

"A Letter Regarding the Acquisition of the Book of Abraham"
Christopher Lund

"As Things Stand at the Moment"
Hugh Nibley

"The St. Louis Museum and the Two Egyptian Mummies and Papyri"
Walter L. Whipple

"Human Sacrifice and the Book of Abraham"
William J. Adams Jr.

"Abraham in Egypt: A Collation of Evidence for the Case of the Missing Wife"
Thomas W. Mackay

"What Is 'The Book of Breathings'?"
Hugh Nibley

"A Translation and Commentary of the Joseph Smith Hypocephalus"
Michael Dennis Rhodes

"The Meaning of the Kirtland Egyptian Papers"
Hugh Nibley

"Antonio Lebolo: Excavator of the Book of Abraham"
H. Donl Peterson