Visualizing Apostolic Succession

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Visualizing Apostolic Succession

Author Meilan Jin Author Iliesa S. K. Delai Author Geoffrey M. Draper

The authors of this article describe the traditionally static nature of the LDS Church's illustrations that have been used to communicate the Church's message. They then contrast this with the current field of information visualization, or infovis, which is a platform that allows users to interact with data to enhance their ability to acquire and use information.

As a practical application of their exploration of infovis, they created a mobile app for handheld devices called Latter-day Apostles. Because the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are well-ordered sets, meaning that each has a first and last member, with the others uniquely ranked somewhere in between, these quorums are conducive to this form of data interaction.

The Latter-day Apostles app enables a user to see the specific configuration of these two quorums on any date from 1832 to the present. The data can be accessed in four different ways, representing four different levels of precision.