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Volume 12:3 (Spring 1972)



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Volume 12:3 (Spring 1972)

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Table of Contents
Mildred T. Hunt
PoetryPg. 261
R. Lanier Britsch
ArticlePg. 262
Wayne Guymon
PoetryPg. 278
C. Brooklyn Derr
ArticlePg. 279
Ted Ridenhour
PoetryPg. 291
Chad J. Flake
BibliographyPg. 292
Dennis Smith
Art WorkPg. 303
James B. Allen
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 306
Milton V. Backman Jr.
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 306
Robert J. Matthews
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 312
Larry C. Porter
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 314
Buddy Youngreen
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 318
Edward A. Geary
Book ReviewPg. 321
J. Keith Melville
Book ReviewPg. 325
Donald Q. Cannon
Book ReviewPg. 327
John L. Sorenson
Book ReviewPg. 329
Neal E. Lambert
Book ReviewPg. 331
Richard G. Ellsworth
Notes and Comments ItemPg. 336