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Volume 18:4 (Summer 1978)

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Volume 18:4 (Summer 1978)

This issue begins with three literary articles: two examining western author Zane Gray's treatment of Mormons in his novels, and one describing the representations of Mormonism in the satirical magazine Puck during the early part of the twentieth century. Historians will be interested in a letter from the first Mormon bishop, Edward Partridge, to his sister Emily Dow. Also included are a sociological study of family size and academic achievement, an economic analysis of the United Order, a discussion of conjectural emendation for the text of the Book of Mormon, and a bibliography of Mormon books newly published the previous year (1977).

Table of Contents
Graham St. John Stott
ArticlePg. 491
Davis Bitton
Gary L. Bunker
ArticlePg. 504
Evan T. Peterson
Gail W. Peterson
Phillip R. Kunz
ArticlePg. 529
L. Dwight Israelsen
ArticlePg. 536
Chad J. Flake
BibliographyPg. 570
Marvin S. Hill
Book ReviewPg. 585
Chad J. Flake
Book ReviewPg. 587
Eugene England
Charles D. Tate
Book ReviewPg. 591
Gary P. Gillum
IndexPg. 602