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Volume 19:2 (Winter 1979)



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Volume 19:2 (Winter 1979)

Intriguing glimpses into the Nauvoo period of the Church are caught and collected in this issue of BYU Studies. The Nauvoo journal of Joseph Fielding, who was one of the first people to receive his endowments, is reproduced with illuminating footnotes by Andrew F. Ehat. Also included are the June 1844 "martyrdom letters" of Vilate Kimball, wife of Heber C. Kimball. A small of piece of Nauvoo is archeologically reconstructed in Dale L. Berge's article on the restoration of the Jonathan Browning home. Dallin H. Oaks and Joseph I. Bentley research the convoluted legal case of Joseph Smith's involvement with the steamboat Nauvoo to conclusively prove that the Prophet was "untainted by any wrongful conduct."

Table of Contents
LaMar C. Berrett
ArticlePg. 131
Dallin H. Oaks
Joseph I. Bentley
ArticlePg. 167
Linda M. Sheffield
PoetryPg. 200
James B. Allen
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 230
Ronald K. Esplin
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 231
T. Edgar Lyon
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 241
Steven G. Barnett
The Historians Corner ItemPg. 244
Lyndon W. Cook
Notes and Comments ItemPg. 247
Sally T. Taylor
PoetryPg. 250
Truman G. Madsen
Book ReviewPg. 251