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Volume 20:2 (Winter 1980)



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Volume 20:2 (Winter 1980)

As Latter-day Saint readers we may skip over the literary analysis of the book of Nephi. Noel B. Reynolds points out a possible "thesis" that Nephi repeats throughout his teachings which is found in 1 Nephi 1:20. Women worked beside the men in the building up of Kirtland and the temple. The individuals sought to increase their spirituality so much that many incredible experiences strengthened this group and allowed them to travel to and stay in Kirtland. Read about these women in "Sweet Counsel and Seas of Tribulation: The Religious LIfe of the Women in Kirtland.

Table of Contents
Noel B. Reynolds
ArticlePg. 131
John B. Harris
PoetryPg. 150
D. Michael Quinn
ArticlePg. 163
Dennis Smith
PoetryPg. 198
Sally T. Taylor
PoetryPg. 206
Donald Q. Cannon
Book ReviewPg. 219
Steven L. Olsen
Book ReviewPg. 222