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Volume 23:4 (Fall 1983)



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Volume 23:4 (Fall 1983)

Celebrate the arts in this issue of BYU Studies. Learn about the development of the hymn "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" and read about nineteenth-century Mormon painter C. C. A. Christensen's view on "The Fine Arts." Then turn the pages to admire eight color plates of Christensen's work. Discover more about lesser-known moments in Church history as well. Read about the Saints and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Jesse Gause's conversion, and the Kirtland Bank's lack of a charter.

Table of Contents
Edward A. Geary
ArticlePg. 387
Richard L. Jensen
ArticlePg. 401
William G. Hartley
ArticlePg. 430
Randall L. Hall
PoetryPg. 460
Pauline Mortensen
ArticlePg. 461
John Ditsky
PoetryPg. 466
Dale W. Adams
ArticlePg. 467
D. Michael Quinn
Notes and Comments ItemPg. 487
Clinton F. Larson
PoetryPg. 494
Clinton F. Larson
PoetryPg. 495
Robert A. Rees
PoetryPg. 496
Joseph T. Hepworth
ArticlePg. 497
Mark R. Grandstaff
Book ReviewPg. 502
Paul Y. Hoskisson
Book ReviewPg. 503