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Volume 33:2 (1993)



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Volume 33:2 (1993)

Burial orientation, wine drinking cups, and wooden fish—all found from BYU's excavations in Fayum, Egypt—are symbols of some early Egyptians' Christian faith. Read about it in this issue of BYU Studies. Other articles in this issue talk about fathers fighting abuse, childhood diseases, and caring for the environment. Another article addresses issue of delinquency in adolescents and studies the factors of religion, friends, and family on youth. One article explores neuropathology in the scriptures, documenting such cases as epilepsy and leprosy and paralysis in scriptures.

Table of Contents
C. Wade Bentley
PoetryPg. 244
Alan J. Hawkins
Clifford J. Rhoades
David C. Dollahite
ArticlePg. 273
Lisa B. Hawkins
PoetryPg. 311
M. Gary Hadfield
ArticlePg. 313
Randall L. Hall
PoetryPg. 329
Trevor Packer
John W. Welch
The Document Corner ItemPg. 331
Pamela Hamblin
PoetryPg. 337
Richard D. Rust
Book ReviewPg. 339
Susan E. Black
Book ReviewPg. 345
Lowell C. Bennion
Book ReviewPg. 350
Robert S. Pratt
Book ReviewPg. 356
Lucile C. Tate
Brief NoticePg. 365
Michael D. Bush
Brief NoticePg. 366
Ellen M. Copley
BibliographyPg. 369