Volume 35:4 (1995-96) | BYU Studies

Volume 35:4 (1995-96)

Volume 35:4 (1995-96)


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Volume 35:4 (1995-96)

This issue of BYU Studies contains articles on a variety of topics. Latin American historian Mark Grover tells of the executions of Rafael Monroy and Vicente Morales in 1915, placing the event in the context of the religious, social class, and nationalist conflicts of the Mexican Revolution. Robert Fogel, prominent scholar of population economics and American institutions, discusses religious cycles in America and focuses on the upsurge in the importance of religion in politics in the US in the 1990s. Catholic scholar Massimo Introvigne looks at historical anti-Mormonism in France. Mark Staker looks at Mormon folk art, in particular plastic resin grapes (popular in the 1960s) and art made from human hair (popular in the 1860s and 1870s). Humanities professor Jon Green explores the role and meaning of silence in the arts and religion. Marjorie Newton introduces two Australian documents: one is a letter by a convert to Mormonism describing her newfound religion (1853); the other is a charge by an Australian man that his wife and sons had been abducted by Mormon missionaries (1856).

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George Bennion
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Craig L. Foster
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Tim Slover
PoetryPg. 160
Brian Q. Cannon
BYU Studies Staff
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Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 208
Paul H. Peterson
Book ReviewPg. 209
Lynn D. Wardle
Book ReviewPg. 232
Stefinee Pinnegar
Brief NoticePg. 245
John S. Harris
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