Volume 36:2 (1996-97) | BYU Studies

Volume 36:2 (1996-97)

Volume 36:2 (1996-97)


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Volume 36:2 (1996-97)

Painter Lee Udall Bennion talks with Doris Dant about her career in this issue of BYU Studies. Several pages of her artwork are displayed and explanations of the inspiration behind and symbolism of each painting is provided in the interview. Edward L. Kimball provides an insightful study of the practice of confession in the LDS church—he discusses the history of confession, what it is, who must confess, and to whom one should confess, etc. Richard Cracroft examines the historical and imaginative renderings of the First Vision. His examples come from the writings of Emma Lou Thayne, Gerald Lund, S. Dilworth Young, etc.

Table of Contents
Lisa B. Hawkins
PoetryPg. 6
Edward L. Kimball
ArticlePg. 7
Stephen E. Robinson
ArticlePg. 74
Casualene Meyer
PoetryPg. 92
Doris R. Dant
ArticlePg. 117
MaryJan G. Munger
PoetryPg. 163
Maureen U. Beecher
ArticlePg. 167
Frederick M. Gedicks
ArticlePg. 177
B. Kent Harrison
Mary S. Richards
ArticlePg. 181
Donnell Hunter
PoetryPg. 200
Leland H. Gentry
The Document Corner ItemPg. 226
Susan E. Black
Book ReviewPg. 241
Danel W. Bachman
Kenneth W. Godfrey
Book ReviewPg. 245
Michelle Stott
Book ReviewPg. 250
Marcus Helvécio T. A. Martins
Book ReviewPg. 255
Bruce A. Chadwick
Brief NoticePg. 261
Garold N. Davis
Brief NoticePg. 262
Robert M. Hogge
Brief NoticePg. 263