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Volume 38:3 (1999)

Volume 38:3 (1999)


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Volume 38:3 (1999)

Minverva Teichert's Manti Temple murals are displayed in this issue of BYU Studies. Her "great pageant" mural in the refurbished Manti temple displays Columbus, Crusaders, and the Orient, as well as biblical figures like Moses, Abraham, and Joseph. Phillip J. Bryson's article enumerates the positive aspects of capitalism as an economic system. Another article, by Aaron R. Kelson examines George Q. Cannon's respect for animals and abhorrence for killing animals in the "spirit of destruction." One short study offers a scientific explanation for what happened when it says in the Book of Mormon that "many great and notable cities were sunk."

Table of Contents
Doris R. Dant
ArticlePg. 6
Marilyn Bushman-Carlton
PoetryPg. 45
James Richards
PoetryPg. 62
Jack D. Brotherson
Terry B. Ball
ArticlePg. 63
Patrick Madden
Personal EssayPg. 83
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 88
Mark Ashurst-McGee
The Document Corner ItemPg. 108
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 118
Craig L. Blomberg
Stephen E. Robinson
ArticlePg. 163
Richard P. Howard
Book ReviewPg. 215
Gary P. Gillum
Brief NoticePg. 218
David R. Seely
Brief NoticePg. 219