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Volume 39:1 (2000)

Volume 39:1 (2000)


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Volume 39:1 (2000)

Immigrating to Utah between the years 1861 and 1864 proved to be a little problematic for traveling Saints because of America's Civil War. Their challenges and success are told in two articles of this BYU Studies. The theme of travels and trials continues in two articles about some remarkable Mormon Russians who traveled to the Stockholm Sweden Temple to receive their ordinances for the first time. Finally, two more articles tell of those dutiful Saints who marched with Joseph Smith in Zion's Camp, focusing on Wilford Woodruff, and the women and children of Zion's camp.

Table of Contents
Casualene Meyer
PoetryPg. 52
David L. Paulsen
ArticlePg. 53
Thomas F. Rogers
ArticlePg. 90
R. A. Christmas
PoetryPg. 166
Marilyn M. Nelson
Personal EssayPg. 189
Paul H. Peterson
DocumentPg. 194
Dean L. May
Book ReviewPg. 209
Terrance D. Olson
Book ReviewPg. 215
David R. Seely
Brief NoticePg. 219
Constance K. Lundberg
Brief NoticePg. 220