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Volume 39:4 (2000)

Volume 39:4 (2000)


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Volume 39:4 (2000)

Love and marriage is the topic of two articles in this issue of BYU Studies. The first article, by William G. Hartley, discusses the Newel and Lydia Bailey Knight courtship and marriage in Kirtland, Ohio, in 1835. The second, by M. Scott Bradshaw, explores the legality of marriages performed by Joseph Smith, including Newel and Lydia Knight's. Another interesting article in this issue is Wilford M. Hess's review of certain botanical aspects of olive trees and oil production in the Middle East. Also, Paul L. Anderson's article on the beautiful Laie Hawaii temple describes the evolution of its symbolic artistic and architectural design.

Table of Contents
M. Scott Bradshaw
ArticlePg. 23
Patrick Madden
PoetryPg. 70
Jed L. Woodworth
DocumentPg. 71
Carol C. Ottesen
Personal EssayPg. 88
J. Michael Hunter
Richard N. Holzapfel
DocumentPg. 98
Richard N. Holzapfel
Paul H. Peterson
DocumentPg. 107
Wilford M. Hess
Short StudyPg. 115
John P. Livingstone
ArticlePg. 127
Julia Parkinson
Short StudyPg. 162
Marilyn M. Nelson
PoetryPg. 183
George B. Handley
PoetryPg. 184
Jed L. Woodworth
Brief NoticePg. 206
Norma S. Bowkett
PoetryPg. 207
BYU Studies Staff
IndexPg. 208