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Volume 40:1 (2001)

Volume 40:1 (2001)


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Volume 40:1 (2001)

Second counselor to and cousin of the seventh prophet of the Church Heber J. Grant, Tony Ivins was one of greatest outdoorsmen of Southern Utah. In this issue, learn more him and enjoy other exciting articles. Read Kent P. Jackson's history of the Bible used for the Joseph Smith Translation; or, read the story of pre-1990 Latter-day Saints in Russia and how some other religious groups became labeled as "Mormon"; or see how Mormons were viewed in the Japanese Press in 1901 in Shinji Takagi's article. Other interesting articles in this issue include studies on Alma O. Taylor's mission to China and on early members of the Church in New Jersey.

Table of Contents
Melissa Helquist
Personal EssayPg. 35
Ellen Gregory
PoetryPg. 71
Ronald W. Walker
ArticlePg. 105
Casualene Meyer
InterviewPg. 132
Edward L. Hart
PoetryPg. 138
Edward L. Hart
PoetryPg. 139
Edward L. Hart
PoetryPg. 140
Reid L. Neilson
DocumentPg. 176
Mark D. Bennion
PoetryPg. 204
Warren A. Jennings
DocumentPg. 205
Russell C. Taylor
Brief NoticePg. 220
Joseph E. Gonzalez
Brief NoticePg. 221
Casualene Meyer
Brief NoticePg. 222
R. A. Christmas
PoetryPg. 224