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Volume 40:2 (2001)

Volume 40:2 (2001)


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Volume 40:2 (2001)

Brigham Young, second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is one of the most misunderstood men in American history. This issue attempts to uncover truths about this prophet through several articles devoted to him. Jed Woodworth asserts that "Brigham Young and the Mission of Mormonism," is one of "peace and goodwill." John K. Carmack's "Father Brigham in His Western Canaan" compares Brigham to Father Abraham and enumerates similarities between the two. Dean C. Jesse explores Brigham at home and presents Brigham as a "'Man of God and a Good Kind Father.'" "The Lion and the Lioness" by Jill Mulvay Derr describes the united relationship of Brigham and Eliza R. Snow. These articles and many others in this issue defend the character of Brigham Young.

Table of Contents
Richard L. Jensen
Jed Woodworth
ArticlePg. 6
Jed L. Woodworth
DocumentPg. 9
John K. Carmack
ArticlePg. 13
Mark D. Bennion
PoetryPg. 132
R. A. Christmas
PoetryPg. 180
Brett Walker
Personal EssayPg. 181
George B. Handley
ArticlePg. 187
Ellen Gregory
PoetryPg. 212
Frederick M. Gedicks
Personal EssayPg. 213
Marilyn Bushman-Carlton
PoetryPg. 220
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 222