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Volume 40:4 (2001)

Volume 40:4 (2001)


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Volume 40:4 (2001)

"LDS Scholars Engage Islamic Thought" is the focus the this issue of BYU Studies. It explores the deep spiritual and cultural impact of the Islamic faith in the world. The many "intersections between the ideals of Mormons and Muslims" make this issue's perspective a unique one. Some of the articles in this issue include Arnold Green's "Mormonism and Islam: From Polemics to Mutual Respect," and James A. Toronto's "Many Voices, One Umma: Sociopolitical Debate in the Muslim Community." This issue also includes photos from Jerusalem and an article on its role as a holy city to Muslims. Other articles discuss Saudi Arabia, the Qur'an, the Crusades, the Palestinian Muslim family, and much more.

Table of Contents
Merrill J. Bateman
John W. Welch
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Cynthia Finlayson
James A. Toronto
ArticlePg. 8
Daniel C. Peterson
ArticlePg. 51
Brian M. Hauglid
ArticlePg. 89
Chad F. Emmett
ArticlePg. 119
Thomas R. Wells
Richard N. Holzapfel
ArticlePg. 135
Tim B. Heaton
Camille Fronk
Brian K. Barber
Bruce A. Chadwick
Ray L. Huntington
ArticlePg. 147
Frederick W. Axelgard
ArticlePg. 169
D. Morgan Davis
Brief NoticePg. 269
Steven Bitner
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BYU Studies Staff
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