Volume 41:1 (2002) | BYU Studies

Volume 41:1 (2002)

Volume 41:1 (2002)


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Volume 41:1 (2002)

In this issue of BYU Studies, read the compelling story of a German Latter-day Saint missionary serving a mission in his homeland when World War I breaks out. Find out about the struggles of one Latter-day Saint caught between his faith and his fatherland. The next article features additional photographs from the Saints at War project, and tells the story of many Latter-day Saints in World War II. Also in this issue you'll find a interesting look at the way that Joseph of Egypt is portrayed in Syriac literature. Another article, by Richard Cracroft, explains how the Spirit can help us glean truths from all good world literature. The Kirtland Flats ashery and the practice of delivering sermons are also discussed in this issue.

Table of Contents
Kristian S. Heal
ArticlePg. 29
Casualene Meyer
PoetryPg. 50
Richard H. Cracroft
ArticlePg. 51
Casualene Meyer
PoetryPg. 64
Peter J. Vousden
DocumentPg. 65
Sharon P. Anderson
PoetryPg. 76
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 140
Marjorie Newton
Personal EssayPg. 141
Dennis A. Wright
Robert C. Freeman
Richard N. Holzapfel
DocumentPg. 147
Benjamin C. Pykles
ArticlePg. 158
Rebecca W. Clarke
Personal EssayPg. 187
Mark L. Grover
Book ReviewPg. 191