Volume 42:2 (2003) | BYU Studies

Volume 42:2 (2003)

Volume 42:2 (2003)


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Volume 42:2 (2003)

The cover of this issue of BYU Studies features Patrick Devonas's painting Condolence, depicting the events of 9/11. An explication of the painting is found in this issue, which sheds light on the painting as well as the tragedy itself. John Sutton Welch's "Finding Meaning in Suffering" helps us find meaning in these painful events, as does Edwin Gantt's "Hedonism, Suffering, and Redemption." Other articles in this issue include "The Process of Translating the Bible," which shows passages of the JST that were translated twice. Richard L. Bushman talks in depth about the Prophet Joseph Smith—his qualities and character. And Steven C. Harper provides a document by early convert of the Church Benjamin Brown that speaks of the Pentecostal experiences of the Kirtland Temple dedication. One article discusses the difference between light-mindedness and lightheartedness. Another article talks about love in marriage, family, and community. Don't miss this great issue!

Table of Contents
Richard L. Bushman
ArticlePg. 23
James S. Lambert
Ronald W. Walker
Richard N. Holzapfel
DocumentPg. 65
Donnell Hunter
PoetryPg. 130
Brett Walker
EssayPg. 131
Mark H. Butler
Allen E. Bergin
ArticlePg. 138
BYU Studies Staff
Book ReviewPg. 170
David A. Allred
Book ReviewPg. 171
Patrick Devonas
Cover ImagePg. 174