Volume 44:3 (2005)

Volume 44:3 (2005)
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Volume 44:3 (2005)

The cover of this issue of BYU Studies is a painting created for a competition hosted by the World Family Policy Center, located at BYU. The painting conveys the importance of each member of a family. This cover illustrates the message of the first article, "The Principles of the Proclamation: Ten Years of Hope," by Richard G. Wilkins. Professor Wilkins explains how he used the Proclamation on the Family to guide his efforts in international agencies to preserve the rights of families.

The article "'Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept': Reflections on the 1877 Commencement of the Performance of Endowments and Sealings for the Dead" by Richard E. Bennett, is the first thorough treatment of the institution of that practice.

Robin Scott Jensen's article relates the story of Martin Harris's short mission to England for James Strang's faction of the church. Although Harris served as a leader in Strang's group, Harris failed to convince the English members to join with Strang and could only bear his strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

In their penchant for historical photographs that tell a story, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Robert F. Schwartz publish George Edward Anderson's photographs of the dedication of the Oliver Cowdery monument in Richmond, Missouri. Junius F. Wells worked for months doing the background work to have the monument erected and appropriately dedicated by Elder Heber J. Grant. Englishman Peter J. Vousden shares the story of how the Church used the Great Exhibition of 1851 to build up the branches in London. The story continues to the present, as today's Hyde Park meetinghouse has a connection to that international exhibition.

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