Volume 49:2 (2010)

Volume 49:2 (2010)
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Volume 49:2 (2010)

BYU Studies volume 49, no. 2, features the proceedings of "Inquiry, Scholarship, and Learning and Teaching in Religiously Affiliated Colleges and Universities," a conference held at Brigham Young University in February 2009. Presenters at the conference included BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson, BYU faculty members, dean of Baylor University's Honors College Thomas S. Hibbs, and Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities President Sandra Elman. Related to the conference proceedings is an article by BYU Archivist J. Gordon Daines III on President Franklin S. Harris's successful efforts to see BYU attain accreditation in the 1920s.

Also featured in this issue are two important articles on different aspects of LDS Church history. In "Robert J. Matthews and the RLDS Church's Inspired Version of the Bible," Thomas E. Sherry recounts Matthews's efforts to obtain access to original documents held by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at a time when the RLDS Church was reexamining its official position on Joseph Smith's revelations and translations. In his article "Legal Insights into the Organization of the Church in 1830," David Keith Stott shares his research on the question of whether or not the LDS Church was actually incorporated at its founding.

Also in issue 49.2 are a lecture given at Harvard Law School, "Mere Mormonism," by Thomas B. Griffith, a circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit; a personal essay, "A Local Faith," by William & Mary Law School professor Nathan B. Oman; BYU Studies poetry editor Casualene Meyer's essay "Would That All God's Children Were Poets"; a tribute by Neal E. Lambert to BYU Studies founding editor Clinton F. Larson; and two book reviews.

Table of Contents
Thomas S. Hibbs
Part 1: Inquiry, Scholarship, and Learning and Teaching ItemPg. 11
Justin F. White
Part 1: Inquiry, Scholarship, and Learning and Teaching ItemPg. 18
Natalie Quinn
Part 2: Tolerance, Diversity, and Community ItemPg. 35
Renata T. Forste
Part 2: Tolerance, Diversity, and Community ItemPg. 38
James D. Gordon III
Part 2: Tolerance, Diversity, and Community ItemPg. 43
Cecil O. Samuelson
Part 3: Concluding Comments ItemPg. 48
John S. Tanner
AfterwordPg. 59
Clinton F. Larson
PoetryPg. 120
Thomas B. Griffith
ArticlePg. 149
Clinton F. Larson
PoetryPg. 162
Nathan B. Oman
EssayPg. 163
Casualene Meyer
EssayPg. 173
Neal E. Lambert
EssayPg. 178
Jared W. Ludlow
Book ReviewPg. 184