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Volume 51:2 (2012)

Volume 51:2 (2012)


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Volume 51:2 (2012)

This issue presents articles on the Book of Mormon and other topics, beginning with a scholarly review of baptism by Noel B. Reynolds. He shows that in the Book of Mormon, baptism is taught primarily as an act of covenant making. David Grandy also presents an article on the Book of Mormon, showing that Mormon's words that "the earth moveth and not the sun" need not be understood to mean that Mormon had a heliocentric understanding of the cosmos.

Table of Contents
Mark D. Bennion
PoetryPg. 38
John H. McBride
Emily Utt
R. William Keach II
Benjamin C. Pykles
ArticlePg. 61
Warren P. Aston
ArticlePg. 78
David A. Grandy
ArticlePg. 99
Kylie N. Turley
EssayPg. 129
Sally Stratford
PoetryPg. 136
Lynn M. Hansen
Faith D. Hansen
ArticlePg. 137
Mark D. Bennion
PoetryPg. 150
Lincoln H. Blumell
Book ReviewPg. 169
Robert L. Maxwell
Book ReviewPg. 181
Angela Hallstrom
Book ReviewPg. 186
Eric N. Jellen
Book NoticePg. 190