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Volume 5:2 (Winter 1964)

Volume 5:2 (Winter 1964)


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Volume 5:2 (Winter 1964)

Learn about the great depression and what was originally called "Church Security Program" in Arrington and Hinton's "Origin of the Welfare Plan of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Palmer and Knecht show evidences against the implications that Joseph Smith plagiarized that Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon in "View of the Hebrews: Substitute for Inspiration?" Also read John L. Sorenson's article "Is Anthropology 'The Study of Man'?"

Table of Contents
Wayne K. Hinton
Leonard J. Arrington
ArticlePg. 67
Jeannette Morrell
PoetryPg. 86
Charlotte Winzeler
ArticlePg. 87
David D. Geddes
ArticlePg. 95
Marden J. Clark
PoetryPg. 104
William L. Knecht
Spencer J. Palmer
ArticlePg. 105
John L. Sorenson
ArticlePg. 115
Stanley B. Kimball
ArticlePg. 125
J. A. Harrison
Book ReviewPg. 129
Lyman C. Pederson Jr.
Book ReviewPg. 131
De L. Jensen
Book ReviewPg. 133