Volume 5:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1964) | BYU Studies

Volume 5:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1964)

Volume 5:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1964)


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Volume 5:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1964)

Charles H. Kegel explains how "one of the most powerful, sustained, and influential relationships between major literary figures of nineteenth century England was that which existed between Thomas Carlyle and John Ruskin." He explores how this friendship was able to survive in "Carlyle and Ruskin: An Influential Friendship." The first Mormon colonists in Mexico suffered greatly through trials and diseases. Karl Young explores their timeline in "Early Mormon Troubles in Mexico." Also read the article by R. Max Rogers entitled, "The Anti-Christian Background of German Literary Naturalism."

Table of Contents
BYU Studies Staff
ArticlePg. 137
H. Tracy Hall
ArticlePg. 139
Irene Spears
PoetryPg. 154
Karl Young
ArticlePg. 155
John B. Harris
PoetryPg. 168
M. Carl Gibson
ArticlePg. 169
Harold K. Moon
ArticlePg. 183
Joseph Smith Jr.
ArticlePg. 192
Charles H. Kegel
ArticlePg. 219
Thomas Carlyle
ArticlePg. 230
William L. Knecht
ArticlePg. 231
Chad J. Flake
IndexPg. 241
Chad J. Flake
BibliographyPg. 241
Carma de Jong Anderson
PoetryPg. 246
David H. Yarn Jr.
Book ReviewPg. 247
George H. Hansen
Book ReviewPg. 251