Volume 53:2 (2014)

Volume 53:2 (2014)
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Volume 53:2 (2014)

In BYU Studies Quarterly 53.2, Robert L. Millet suggests that Evangelicals may place an excessive stress on grace, to the point that they emphasize forgiveness but neglect repentance. By contrast, he chides the Mormons for overstating their own role in salvation.

Eric A. Eliason explores the phenomenon of prebirth experiences (encounters with spirit children not yet born) and how this folk tradition is deeply enmeshed with official LDS doctrines.

Douglas D. Anderson, dean of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, looks at the Mormon way of doing business, giving examples from the lives of Jon M. Huntsman, Bill Child, and Mitt Romney, among others.

Corbin Volluz shows how Book of Mormon authors specifically used the number 7, just as did others of the ancient Hebrew world.

When Sidney Rigdon spoke to the Saints in Nauvoo in 1844 to ask for their vote for him to lead the Church, apparently only Thomas Bullock kept notes of the meeting; LaJean Carruth and Robin Jensen publish those rough shorthand notes for the first time.

In 1901, Alma Taylor corresponded with a Buddhist priest, revealing what Taylor believed about plural marriage.

Bradley and Shawnda Moss review several theatrical productions of Les Misérables and discuss Jean Valjean as a prodigal son.

This issue offers two personal essays, poetry, and reviews of four books and an LDS movie.

Table of Contents
John W. Welch
ArticlePg. 4
Robert L. Millet
ArticlePg. 7
Jared Pearce
PoetryPg. 20
Douglas D. Anderson
ArticlePg. 29
Darlene Young
PoetryPg. 84
Rebecca W. Clarke
EssayPg. 89
James M. McLachlan
Book ReviewPg. 168
E. Douglas Clark
Book ReviewPg. 173
William G. Hartley
Book ReviewPg. 180
John Hilton III
Film and Theater ReviewPg. 187
James T. Summerhays
Book NoticePg. 190
Allen J. Christenson
Brief NoticePg. 190