Volume 53:3 (2014)

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Volume 53:3 (2014)

BYU Studies Quarterly 53.3 presents articles that will appeal to a wide audience.

Jack Harrell, an author of short stories and other fiction, describes his search for a Mormon literary theory, finding in Mormon literature a foundation of meaning and ethics that may belong in the post-postmodern movement.

Cheryl Preston writes that Church structure is, in many ways, less hierarchical than might be expected by an outsider and offers unique opportunities for integrating the individual member-worshipper in theological knowledge and practice.

John Lamb conveys his passion for discovery: knowing that every discovery open up new questions to be answered. His BYU speech is accompanied by his artwork.

David Randall Scott finds in the book of Jonah many parallels to the life and mission of Christ that add meaning to the book.

Mark Lyman Staker and Robin Scott Jensen present a history of a store ledger kept by David Hale, brother of Emma Hale Smith, which records some of Joseph Smith's activities in Harmony, Pennsylvania.

Casualene Meyer interviews poet and activist Emma Lou Thayne and delves into Thayne's life experiences and love of people as sources for her poetry.

This issue also presents a personal essay, poetry, and four reviews.

Table of Contents
John W. Welch
ArticlePg. 4
Jack Harrell
ArticlePg. 7
Marilyn N. Nielson
PoetryPg. 36
Elizabeth Knight
EssayPg. 113
Matthew Roper
Paul Fields
Larry Bassist
Review EssayPg. 123
John D. Lamb
ArticlePg. 146
Casualene Meyer
InterviewPg. 181
Emma Lou Warner Thayne
PoetryPg. 192
Emma Lou Warner Thayne
PoetryPg. 195