Volume 54:1 (2015)

Volume 54:1 (2015)


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Volume 54:1 (2015)

The topics in BYU Studies Quarterly 54, no. 1, range from recent to ancient religious history and from theatre to medicine. An article on tricuspid valve surgery documents Elder Russell M. Nelson's innovative, inspired, and life-saving surgery of a patient. Julie Smith shows that while the Gospel of Mark does not expound on the meaning of Jesus' death, resurrection, and atonement, the stories that are told in conjunction with those event provide that meaning. Joshua Sears analyzes the LDS Spanish Bible, published in 2009, telling its history and how it is a milestone in LDS scripture because it revises the biblical text itself. This issue also reports the findings of two BYU professors who surveyed international Muslim students at BYU about why they came to BYU and what their experience has been like. Scott Hoyt reports his research on a possible correlation between the ancient Peruvian legends of the god Viracocha and the Book of Mormon. Stephen Webb wrestles with Terryl Givens' philosophies on the nature of God. This issue also includes two personal essays, poetry, and several book and theatre reviews.

Table of Contents
John W. Welch
ArticlePg. 4
Tyler Chadwick
PoetryPg. 76
Elizabeth Knight
EssayPg. 77
Erika Price
EssayPg. 135
Tyler Chadwick
PoetryPg. 140
Heather M. Seferovich
Book ReviewPg. 190
Kenneth L. Alford
Book ReviewPg. 197
David J. Larsen
Book ReviewPg. 209
Lauren McCombs
Book NoticePg. 222
Lexi Devenport
Book NoticePg. 223