Volume 54:2 (2015) | BYU Studies

Volume 54:2 (2015)

Volume 54:2 (2015)


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Volume 54:2 (2015)

BYU Studies Quarterly 54, no. 2, starts off with a message from BYU President Kevin Worthen as he encourages BYU Studies to continue in its role supporting the mission of BYU, to publish works that reflect scholarship and faith. Avram Shannon asks whether the Joseph Smith Translation is a midrash and carefully explains that Midrash, a rabbinic commentary on the Hebrew Bible, is similar only in limited ways to the JST. Jared Ludlow presents his research on what kind of changes Joseph Smith made as he translated the synoptic Gospels and what these changes signify. Tod Harris compares the Joseph Smith Translation to the work of Meister Eckhart, giving specific examples of their revisions of the Bible. David Whittaker tells the story of Joseph B. Keeler, who was instrumental in providing published works for the Church as it transitioned to the modern era. Gordon Daines tells the story of the BYU Archives, established in 1956, with Ralph Hansen as the first archivist. John Welch presents photos of Thorvaldsen's famous Christus statue along with the statues of the apostles. Minerva Teichert painted many scenes of the Book of Mormon, including a recently-come-to-light sketch of the story of Corianton as told in Alma 39. Artists Chiloba Chirwa and J. Kirk Richards presented a joint exhibition at BYU, presented here with commentary by Herman du Toit. Ralph Hancock and Joseph Spencer engage in a philosophical exchange about a theoretical framing of modern materialism.

Table of Contents
Josh Weed
EssayPg. 89
John W. Welch
ArticlePg. 148
Herman du Toit
ArticlePg. 162
Herman du Toit
Art Exhibition ReviewPg. 166
John Alba Cutler
PoetryPg. 182
Angela Hallstrom
Reviews of Mormon Women Memoirs ItemPg. 183
Brian Q. Cannon
Book ReviewPg. 198