Volume 55:2 (2016) | BYU Studies

Volume 55:2 (2016)

Volume 55:2 (2016)


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Volume 55:2 (2016)

BYU Studies Quarterly is dedicated to the conviction that the spiritual and the intellectual can be complementary and fundamentally harmonious avenues of knowledge. The articles in this issue address various topics: the legal cases preceding Joseph Smith's martyrdom, Karl Maeser's biography, Alma's clash with the Nehors, a Mormon theology of work, and the art of Jorge Cocco Santangelo. With these articles as well as book reviews, poetry, and essays, we aim to present new, interesting, and helpful information to our readers.

Table of Contents
John W. Welch
ArticlePg. 4
Meilan Jin
Iliesa S. K. Delai
Geoffrey M. Draper
ArticlePg. 115
Matthew Scott Stenson
ArticlePg. 127
Benjamin Blackhurst
PoetryPg. 154
Wendy M Payne
EssayPg. 155
Elizabeth Garcia
PoetryPg. 160
Steven L. Olsen
Book ReviewPg. 179
George L. Mitton
Book ReviewPg. 187
Tyler Chadwick
Book ReviewPg. 195
Christine Wilkins
Book NoticePg. 203
Allyson Jones
Book NoticePg. 204
Janeen Christensen
Book NoticePg. 205