Volume 6:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1965) | BYU Studies

Volume 6:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1965)

Volume 6:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1965)


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Volume 6:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1965)

Modern-day Mongolia has been greatly influenced in all matters of politics, society, etc. by Japan. Learn more in Paul V. Hyer's article, "Politics and Religion on China's Mongolian Frontier." Also, BYU has acquired Japanese temple lanterns that are traditionally offered as gifts in memory of a deceased friend or relative. These lanterns are highlighted in "The Pair of Japanese Bronze Lanterns at Brigham Young University" by Schuyler Cammann.

Table of Contents
BYU Studies Staff
Notes and Comments ItemPg. 121
Spencer J. Palmer
ArticlePg. 123
Lee W. Farnsworth
ArticlePg. 139
Chad J. Flake
BibliographyPg. 171
Marden J. Clark
PoetryPg. 176
Hyrum L. Andrus
Book ReviewPg. 178
Russel B. Swensen
Book ReviewPg. 183
Truman G. Madsen
Book ReviewPg. 186
Sidney B. Sperry
Book ReviewPg. 189
BYU Studies Staff
Book NotePg. 190
BYU Studies Staff
Book NotePg. 191