Volume 8:1 (Autumn 1967) | BYU Studies

Volume 8:1 (Autumn 1967)

Volume 8:1 (Autumn 1967)


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Volume 8:1 (Autumn 1967)

Read an editorial by Charles D. Tate, Jr. that presents the motivation behind the publication of BYU Studies entitled, "Brigham Young University Studies: Its Purpose, Its Freedom, Its Scope." Learn more about the heavens above us in "The Origin, Structure, and Evolution of the Stars" by D. H. McNamara.

Table of Contents
Glen E. Robertson
PoetryPg. 5
Marden J. Clark
PoetryPg. 6
Naomi-Ruth Peterson
PoetryPg. 22
Harrison Davis
PoetryPg. 36
James R. Harris
ArticlePg. 37
Mahonri Young
Art WorkPg. 47
Dale T. Fletcher
Art WorkPg. 47
Marden J. Clark
PoetryPg. 60
Neal E. Lambert
ArticlePg. 61
Clinton F. Larson
PoetryPg. 72
Dean C. Jessee
Book ReviewPg. 95
Victor B. Cline
Book ReviewPg. 98
Kenneth W. Godfrey
Book ReviewPg. 103
Carlton Culmsee
Book ReviewPg. 108
Richard H. Cracroft
Book ReviewPg. 389