Volume 8:2 (Winter 1968) | BYU Studies

Volume 8:2 (Winter 1968)

Volume 8:2 (Winter 1968)


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Volume 8:2 (Winter 1968)

In this issue Truman G. Madsen makes us think critically in "Can God Be Pictured" and tells how Mormon's view on picturing God differs from most other Christian religions. George M. Addy breaks down the life of a university student in "Lessons from the Past of How to Succeed in the University World Without Really Trying."

Table of Contents
Truman G. Madsen
ArticlePg. 113
Martha H. Hume
PoetryPg. 126
Eugene E. Campbell
ArticlePg. 127
Mahonri Young
Art WorkPg. 143
Dale T. Fletcher
Art WorkPg. 144
John A. Green
ArticlePg. 147
Clinton F. Larson
Drama ItemPg. 158
Hugh W. Nibley
ArticlePg. 171
BYU Studies Staff
DocumentPg. 179
Hugh W. Nibley
ArticlePg. 191
James R. Clark
ArticlePg. 195
Kenneth W. Godfrey
ArticlePg. 204
Richard L. Anderson
Book ReviewPg. 231
John B. Harris
Book ReviewPg. 240