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Volume 9:2 (Winter 1969)

Volume 9:2 (Winter 1969)


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Volume 9:2 (Winter 1969)

"The Wheel in Ancient America" by Paul R. Cheesman addresses when the wheel may have first been invented, and new evidence leading to these conclusions. Cheesman also relates this to references in the Book of Mormon and the use of wheels. Also, Robert J. Matthews compares the King James Version of the Bible with Joseph Smith's Inspired version side-by-side to show additional insight we can gain.

Table of Contents
Daniel H. Ludlow
ArticlePg. 119
Robert N. Scott
PoetryPg. 175
Alexander Wyant
Art WorkPg. 181
Wesley M. Burnside
Art WorkPg. 182
Paul R. Cheesman
ArticlePg. 185
Douglas Thayer
Short StoryPg. 198
Loftur Bjarnason
ArticlePg. 209
Elouise M. Bell
Book ReviewPg. 221
James R. Clark
Book ReviewPg. 225
Richard L. Anderson
Book ReviewPg. 229
BYU Studies Staff
Book NotePg. 232