3 Nephi 20 to 26 – “Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

October 12, 2020 to October 18, 2020

3 Nephi 20-26 has been called the Covenant Sermon because Jesus teaches the Father’s covenant with his people through the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

“Jesus’ Covenant Teachings in Third Nephi,” Victor L. Ludlow, Rediscovering the Book of Mormon: Insights that You May Have Missed Before
This article studies Jesus’ “Covenant People Discourse,” beginning in 3 Nephi 20.

“Chart 50: Old Testament Passages Quoted by Jesus Christ in 3 Nephi,” from Charting the Book of Mormon
This chart shows 19 times in 3 Nephi 16-24 that Jesus quoted the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi.

“Let God Prevail,” Russell M. Nelson, October 2020 General Conference
“The gathering of Israel moves forward. The Lord Jesus Christ directs the affairs of His Church, and it will achieve its divine objectives.”

“Pattern and Purpose of the Isaiah Commentaries in the Book of Mormon,” Garold N. Davis, Mormons, Scripture, and the Ancient World: Studies in Honor of John L. Sorenson
The Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon occur within a very interesting lexical or contextual pattern.  The history and destiny of the Lord’s covenant relationship with the house of Israel is a theme that includes the Abrahamic covenant, the covenant of the infinite atonement, the scattering of Israel, and the reestablishment of the house of Israel in the last days by a mighty gentile nation.

“The Lord’s Covenant of Kindness: Isaiah 54 and 3 Nephi 22,” Cynthia L. Hallen, Isaiah and the Book of Mormon
Linguistic analysis of key words shows how a barren woman is symbolically associated with Zion, the earth, and the Lord’s servants in God’s beautiful, astonishing, merciful love. See also “Redeeming the Desolate Woman: The Message of Isaiah 54 and 3 Nephi 22,” Cynthia L. Hallen, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 7, no. 1