30. “God Is No Respector of Persons”

Gospel Taught to the Gentiles

“Spencer W. Kimball and the Revelation on the Priesthood,” Edward L. Kimball, BYU Studies, Vol.¬†47, no. 2
God has always given His prophets revelation on how to lead His Kingdom and preach the gospel. Peter learned in a vision that the Gentiles should receive the gospel (Acts 10:1-11: 18). Saul and Barnabas fulfilled that revelation by sharing the gospel with the Gentile people.¬†This article discusses Spencer W. Kimball’s experience in receiving the modern revelation to allow all worthy male Church members to receive the priesthood and how the members of the Church responded to the announcement. His experience follows this pattern of instruction from God.
Chart 13-1: “Chronology of the New Testament Era,” Charting the New Testament
Christ commissions all to preach the gospel to the world. This chart provides a timeline of the apostolic ministry from the time of Christ’s death until the departure of John the Beloved.