38. “Thou Hast Testified of Me”

Paul Testifies to Sanhedrin, Agrippa

Chart 13-11: “Miracles in Acts,” Charting the New Testament
Though faced with endless persecution, Christ’s apostles did not cease ministering to others, often performing miracles as they shared the gospel with the world. Chart 13-11 notes the apostolic miracles recorded in the book of Acts. Their examples show us that even in the midst of trials, we can be faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ.
“Paul: Untiring Witness of Christ,” David Rolph Seely and Jo Ann H. Seely, Ensign, August 1999
The Apostle Paul lived in a time that had challenges similar to ours today. “His message was met with mistrust and jealousy even by some within the Church and with violent persecution from those who were not members. He suffered many trials and tribulations.” Yet, he never tired of preaching the gospel. This article teaches us all about this devoted disciple, encouraging us to follow his steadfast example.
“The Apostle Paul as Master Teacher,” Frank F. Judd Jr. and John Hilton III, Ensign, September 2015
Not only was Paul a brave missionary under severe persecution, he was a gospel scholar and powerful teacher. Paul taught about the Messiah to both Jews and non-Jews, tailoring his teachings to his audience.