6. “They Straightway Left Their Nets”

Jesus Calls His Twelve Apostles

“Of Men and Mantles: Kierkegaard on the Difference between a Genius and an Apostle,” John S. Tanner, BYU Studies, Vol. 40, no. 2
What does it mean to be called as an apostle? John Tanner tells how Soren Kierkegaard, a religious philosopher, identified key points about apostleship: that while a genius is born, his realm is finite. An apostle, on the other hand, is called by God and thus has divine authority.
Chart 13-4: “Four Lists of the Original Twelve Apostles,” Charting the New Testament
Jesus’ Twelve Apostles are listed in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Acts. While the lists vary in order, they include the same individuals. This handy chart helps clarify the names of these men.