9. “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”

True Disciples

“Lord’s Prayer,” Sue Bergin, Encyclopedia of Mormonism
We are to follow Christ’s example in all things, including the way in which He prays. Jesus counsels his listeners to not recite his prayer but to pray “after this manner.” By using the Lord’s Prayer as a framework, and by expressing personal, heartfelt feelings, true unity with God the Father can be found.
“The Lord’s Prayers,” John W. Welch, Ensign, January 1976
This article explains the meaning of terms in the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6) and shows how the prayer’s structure compliments its message. It also tells how Jesus’ prayers improved upon Jewish prayer practices of his day.
The Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture, edited by Gaye Strathearn, Thomas A. Wayment and Daniel L. Belnap, Religious Studies Center, 2010
This book (a free online resource provided by BYU) studies the text of the Sermon as it appears in 3 Nephi, but most content also applies to Matthew 5-7. See chapters about discipleship, the elusive quest for perfection, the golden rule, and each of the points in the Sermon.