Acts 22–28

July 31, 2023 to August 6, 2023

“A Minister and a Witness”

The events described in Acts 22 to 28 can be compared to Jesus’ ministry: the danger that awaited them in Jerusalem and being tried by Jewish and Roman authorities.

“The Scribes,” John Gee, at BYU New Testament Commentary, January 2019 conference
This presentation is available in video and transcript. When Paul was defended by “the scribes that were of the Pharisees’ part” (Acts 23:9), who were these men and what was their role? John Gee discusses their role as makers of records of all types and as civic administrators. As bureaucrats, they had some power over people’s lives. Jesus warned his followers to be aware of their use or abuse of power.

“Acts 21-28, in New Testament Student Manual, Religion 211-212,” from Church Seminary and Institute, pages 322-330
“In these chapters, Paul gave five speeches defending himself before religious and civil authorities in Jerusalem and Caesarea, culminating in his masterful defense before Agrippa. Paul used these opportunities not only to defend himself against unjust charges, but also to bear testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These speeches represent fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy that Paul would testify before kings and rulers.”

Video:”The Acts to Revelation, Discussions on the New Testament: Acts 21 to 28,” by BYU Division of Continuing Education
Discussing significant events in the early Church and the missionary journeys of Paul. 26 minutes. A joint discussion by Robert Millet, D. Kelly Ogden, Ray L. Huntington, and Robert Matthews. Videos on Acts to Revelation are available at the BYU TV website in 34 episodes.

New Testament Come Follow Me Commentary
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